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The Elaine Norman Fund

A second chance grant for cancelled book launches

We have seen so much talk of cancelled or indefinitely postponed or online-only book launches and it deeply saddens us to imagine how this must feel, especially for those publishing for the first time.

The Elaine Norman Fund for Debut Authors is a small grant offered to Canadian writers who have had their book launch cancelled due to the pandemic.

The Parker Agency president, Fawn Parker, has created this fund in the name of her late mother who always wanted to write her memoir and unfortunately did not get the opportunity. 

We believe strongly in the joy of the book launch—a celebration of hard work, determination, and creative passion.

Please refer to the information below for more information.


The Elaine Norman Fund for Cancelled Book Launches

The fund will be awarded to authors who had to cancel their book launches due to the pandemic.

To apply, please send the following information to


- the name of your publisher

- book release date
- cancelled book launch date (if applicable)
- estimated cost of desired venue
- estimated cost of ordered book copies (if not covered by publisher)
- any other information you feel is relevant

Priority will be given to LGBTQ+ writers, Black, Indigenous, and writers of colour, women, writers with disabilities, and other members of marginalized groups.

The Elaine Norman Fund: Text


How to Donate

The Parker Agency is donating $5,000 total to create this fund. Additional donations made will go toward funding more authors once the initial amount has been used.

Donations can be e-transferred to

Please direct all questions to the email listed above.

The Elaine Norman Fund: Text


Donations Made to Date

The Parker Agency
Stuart Ross

Joshua Chris Bouchard

Donald Sugg

Beth Parker Duff
Legible Intelligibles Reading Series

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